V Smiley Preserves

"There's a lot inside this jar of jam...V plans to return the old farm where her fruit grows back to its original working state; fruit for preserves, but also to incorporate animals, vegetables, a regional seed bank, cookery school, event space, and cookbook library. But first, there's jam to make."

Suggested Retail $14.00

Born on a Farm in Vermont, 'V' participated in helping run the farm at a young age. In addition to her chores of mulching, weeding, wood-hauling, and putting hay in the barn, she helped her mother milk cows to make yogurt and helped her father fix fences.  Her childhood spent working with the land and in the kitchen gave her a deep admiration for food craft.

V started her preserve company with a larger vision in mind.  A vision that draws together the talents of her family and the land in Vermont where she grew up.  It has been several years since her parent's farmstead produced much more than hay. The pasture has filled in with brush and the fruit trees have lost their shape.

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