Make a lasting impression by giving truly unique artisan goods from the Pacific Northwest 



Say goodbye to the anxiety of searching

Our gift concierge service makes it easy to give the perfect gift. We help you to design a plan to fit your needs and then take care of the packaging and delivery.


"Thank you MakrBox! You have made gifting so easy and our clients are loving them!"

-Amie Stewart - Real Estate Agent - Seattle, WA



Save valuable time

When you need to stay in front of a potential or current client, just send us a text or email. We will pack your gift and mail it along with a custom note from you!


"I'm so excited to have found MakrBox! This is the perfect way to give great, unique gifts that benefit the local economy."

-Kelley Meister - Real Estate - Seattle, WA



Make a lasting impression of quality

Clients will love discovering amazing, small-batch artisan goods from your customized gift box. All MakrBox items are quality, unique handmade products, reflecting your quality personal service. Click here to read more about our products....


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MakrBox helps you to develop a more meaningful relationship with your clients. Not convinced?


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